Bouquet d’Alella – Alella

“Live tradition, experience innovation”

Bouquet d’Alella, an adventure which the Cerdà brother and sister bravely set out on in 2010, was born out of this motto. They were inspired by a tradition handed down by their father – Antonio Cerda – embodied by the masia and vineyards, and by the dream of creating a contemporary product, a quality product, with a vision of the future.

Playing with the name of the family estate –Can Boquet– and the term bouquet, the French word to describe the set of aromas released by a wine, the name Bouquet d’Alella was created. We produce and sell quality organic wines as well as focusing on wine tourism, offering wine related leisure activities just 15 km from Barcelona

Wine Tourism:

We love sharing our experience of the wine world as well as our unique environment. Come and enjoy some of our wine related leisure activities:

Catalan, Castellano, Inglés

Approximate price: 15 €


Every day of the week. (consult)

Bouquet d’Alella offers visitors tours of the vineyards and the winery, rounded off by a wine tasting.


  • Moon & vines
  • World sensations
  • Pícnic in the vineyards
  • Quad in the vineyards