Companyia d’Alella

Compania d’Alella, winery and Tavern. It is one of the largest specialized wineries in the regio of Maresme (Barcelona), with 27 years of history and 15 people working to satisfy its customers.

From the beginning, our mission has been to provide our clients with the best wines, cavas, champagne and spirits at the best price and with a maximum quality of service, highlighting the membership in the DO Alella, offering you a great variety of their wines and cavas.

There are two areas opened to the public, the cellar and the tavern, looking black on the visitors to the inn for several centuries. Our facilities are located in an old 19th-century textile factory.

The private area, the storage cellar, is housed in an annexed semi-underground warehouse that maintains almost constant temperature and atmosphere throughout the year.

Completely decorated in rustic style, we treasure with great zeal many tools and utensils that, in other times, were used in the world of wine.

Visit the Alella Company is a pleasure for the taste, for the sight, as for the spirit.