El Nou Antigó – Teià

The Nou Antigó opened in June 2012 in Teià. It offers an original gastronomic proposal at market prices. A pleasant and charming place with an innovative gastronomy.

The initiators of the nouAntigó are Marta Culebras and Jordi Saseta. Both have grown and formed around a stove. From different generations, both have passed through the CETT and have worked alongside the best chefs in Catalonia, Madrid and Paris.

They met working, of course. It should have been the year 2000, and since then they have been meeting in different restaurants and catering companies.

As both proclaim, life belongs to and for the brave, so when the opportunity to jump and ride the nouAntigó appeared, they jumped headfirst. Since then, they have been assembling a team that has made the restaurant’s first steps hopeful.

Those who know them know that effort, enthusiasm and work are not lacking. Talent has been cultivated for years!