Els Garrofers – Alella

Els Garrofers is a contemporary, local and handmade Catalan cuisine restaurant that above all seeks the intrinsic flavor of the product.
Catalan, because the basis we have learnt and the people who taught us are from Catalonia.
Local, since our suppliers have been selected amongst the local Maresme producers, most of them with a CCPAE label (Consejo Catalán de la Producción Agraria Ecológica)
And handmade, as explained in our motto: we do not serve what we do not cook or prepare ourselves.
From bread to desserts, everything is made in our kitchen, always focusing on serving food with a powerful, deep and affable taste, while respecting the tradition but without giving up on the new culinary techniques.
The restaurant consists of 2 dining rooms, with a total capacity of 60 guests, a big terrace with a cocktail and sandwich bar as well as a spacious garden, making it a perfect place for a family celebration, a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.
Welcome to Els Garrofers!