Masia Coll de Canyet – Badalona

The grandfather Josep Coll was born in 1894 and began very young, with the help of his father, the sale of wine in Badalona. With a cart and a mare, he transported, in barrels, the wine produced and made in Canyet to Badalona.

In 1930 he bought the estate called El Trull (today, Can Coll).

With the help of our father, born in 1922, Grandpa planted a vineyard. Varieties: Xarello (at that time it was not called Pansa Blanca), Malvasia, Sant Jaume, Moscatell and, to a lesser extent, some red varieties, such as Sumoll and Grenache.

In the Can Coll cup, the wine was made and then the winery’s boots were filled.
It was cherry-colored, as the black grapes dyed the white and out of the typical Canyet pink.

It was sold by jet in the same farmhouse.