Parc Serralada Litoral

Serralada Litoral Park covers La Conreria-Sant Mateu-Céllecs, an area of natural interest included in the PEIN (Plan for Areas of Natural Interest, approved in 1992 by the Government of Catalonia). Following on from this, in 2004, the Special Protection Plan was approved, establishing the regulations governing the park. The park is located in the central part of the Serralada Litoral or Marina mountain range, between the River Besòs and the Argentona gully, straddling the regions of El Maresme and El Vallès Oriental and covering an area of 4,715 hectares.

La Conreria and the massifs of Sant Mateu and Céllecs, running southwest to the northeast, are the three mountain ranges that make up this protected area. With gently rolling contours, the park is notable for its Mediterranean holm oak and pine forests, rising between the sea and the coastal plain of El Maresme and the coastal lowlands of El Vallès Oriental. The peaks of Céllecs (534 m) and Sant Mateu (499 m) are the park’s highest points. Its location, surrounded by the densely populated Barcelona metropolitan area and an extensive rail network, means it is a popular destination and receives a growing number of visitors and users.

The Serralada Litoral Park Consortium, the park´s management body, is made up of the municipalities of Alella, Argentona, Cabrera de Mar, Cabrils, La Roca del Vallès, Martorelles, Montornès del Vallès, Premià de Dalt, Santa Maria de Martorelles, Teià, Tiana, Vallromanes, Vilanova del Vallès and Vilassar de Dalt, the regional councils of El Maresme and El Vallès Oriental, Barcelona Provincial Council and the Government of Catalonia.