Les Costes Viticultura sostenible

Albert Federico is the souls of this project, he defines himself as someone in love with wine. In 2015 he decided to make a step and transform his passion into something professional. The vineyards are located in a privileged place in the town of Alella, at the heart of Vall de Rials, with fabulous views at the mediterranean sea. In this environment he has found the ideal corner to make true his dream. Almost seven hectares with a total of nine varieties: five white (pansa blanca, garnatxa blanca, picapoll, chardonnay and white sauvignon) and four black (garnatxa, ull de llebre, merlot and cabernet).

There are two thousand grapevines and it is a vineyard with a plain part of land (where you can find “la pansa”) and a part of terraces (the rest of varieties).

Once the grape harvest is done the fermentation take place in Alella Vinícola with the cooperation of a wine expert, Xavi García. His first wine, Pensa, was born in 2016 with the aim of being of like and stay permanently. It is the living essence of this mediterranean environment. Years later he launched two new varieties similar to Pensa (black) and Les Costes, the name of the last one in reference of the beautiful sorroundings (The coasts of Vall de Rials).

Albert continues with his trajectory in the world of wine looking for new formula and creating new synergy of work. In 2020 he began a new project of collective manner of micropatronage that had a great reception, Verkami.

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