Alella Vinícola – Alella


Alella Vinícola is a family winery created in 1906 in the heart of the D.O. Alella, just 15 kilometers far from Barcelona. We produce around 90,000 bottles a year of a dozen wines and carry out different activities related to the world of wine and gastronomy. We have our own restaurant in the same modernist winery designed by Jeroni Martorell, a disciple of Antoni Gaudí.

Marfil has been the winery’s emblematic brand since the 1920s, throughout the 20th century it has been Barcelona’s white wine and exported worldwide.

We continue producing the wines that for a hundred years have marked the style of the D.O. (White wines from Pansa Blanca and Garnacha Blanca), we have recovered vinifications that had been totally forgotten (sweet and generous wines) and we are innovating and reinventing the area through radically original wines more elaborated in the area (high quality sparkling wines with DO Alella)

– A family winery: We are a family winery where two brothers (Samuel and Xavier Garcia) perform the tasks of managing the winery, from the vineyard plantations to marketing

– Vineyards by the sea: They are located in the different valleys of Alella, El Masnou, Teià and Tiana. The vast majority settled on the slopes of the coastal Cordillera, all facing the sea. We have recovered practically abandoned old periurban vines. It is not used without any concept, herbicides, pesticides or inorganic fertilizers. Only products authorized for organic viticulture. We work with traditional varieties of the area: White Raisin, White Grenache and Red Grenache. We have also introduced the Syrah variety.

– Commitment to the environment: For 20 years, all the grapes that enter our winery have been free of synthetic products. We let the plants and herbs grow to retain the sandy sand with the roots and prevent it from eroding. In addition, with the life cycle of herbs we help give structure and nutrients to the soil. Both in the winery and in the vineyard we are committed to minimizing the harmful environmental effects generated by any company that produces food products with: sustainable and bio agriculture, closing the carbon and nitrogen cycle by properly returning the by-products generated in the winery and to the vineyard (breeze, rapa, low, plant remains, …), minimize the use of non-renewable energy and water with good practices in the winery and in the vineyard and use fully recyclable supplies. And of course, increasingly promoting proximity sales.

Visits open every Saturday at 12 noon
Weekdays: Every day (prior reservation)
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English,
€ 12 winery view + tasting of 3 wines
€ 15 visit vineyards + winery + wine tasting (minimum group 8 people)

Any other language, consult additional cost.

Other wine tourism proposals:

The winery has its own wine shop and restaurant open every day of the week (except Monday and Sunday nights) from 8 am to midnight with permanent cuisine at any time. It has a menu and a menu for groups, with different rooms for celebrations of all kinds.
Different activities related to gastronomy and the world of wine are carried out. For more information call the winery directly.

Free parking is available.