Cabrera de Mar

Cabrera de Mar is a town in the Maresme located in a small valley on the open coast, between the towns of Vilassar de Mar and Mataro. It combines mountain and sea rich in archaeological Iberian village at the foot of Castle Burriac and several Roman sites in the town.

Located about 28 kilometers from Barcelona and 104 meters above sea level, the town center is 2.5 km away from the sea, in a small valley between two mountains, and Burriac Montcabrer.

The area closest to the sea has a flat profile. The coastline is formed by a fine golden sand beach 1,200 meters long with a width varying between 10 and 40 meters. Meanwhile, the interior features a rugged relief by the presence of the Sierra de San Mateo, part of the Coastal Range.

Cabrera de Mar’s climate is typical Mediterranean climate. Its main feature is the clear days and cloudless most of the year. In the fall, we can find days of heavy rain, while winters are mild, and frosts are very rare and snow. The hot, dry summers invite us to enjoy the beaches and terraces abound along the coast.

Traditionally, the base of the economy was agriculture, with a predominance of horticultural products.

In more mountainous sector is an extension of the term forest dominated by pine forests. Since the 1960s, the fields (which are still predominant market garden crops and ornamental plants and flowers, especially carnations, using greenhouses) have decreased for the benefit of industry and tourism.

The industry acquired an important development since the beginning of the twentieth century thanks to its proximity to Mataro. In the industrial area, which extends largely on both sides of the Middle Way, towards Mataro, are installed numerous companies, both small and medium very diversified: textiles (covering more than half of industrial activity with several local companies knitwear, textile finishing, bleaching, dyeing, prints …), cardboard, plastic derivatives, appliances, printing, metallurgy, cement, transportation companies, mineral water , etc. As for Cabrera tourism, which has 1,200 meters of beach, offers hotel rooms and a youth hostel located in the Torre Ametller.